10-Year-Old Girl Turns Decade Old Song Into Metal Masterpiece!

10-Year-Old Girl Turns Decade Old Song Into Metal Masterpiece! | Society Of Rock Videos

Youtube Channel: Ayu gusfanz

This Girl Is Simply The Future Of Music!

10-year-old Ayu Gusfanz quickly made headlines when she shared the video of her and what is presumed to be her father playing Hotel California. The footage quickly went viral. Since then she has been pumping out video after video of herself playing guitar so numerous classic rock songs. What she put out next is certainly no different!

What you’re about to watch is 10-year-old Ayu Gusfanz pick her Ibanez guitar and shred an amazing solo over the hit song by Dragon Force called Through The Fire And Flames to perfection. It’s truly amazing how such a young small girl can play this song perfectly! I can’t even play this on Guitar Hero and this girl is playing it for real, for goodness sakes! How does she do it!? Nevertheless, this girl is simply the future of music. It’s only a matter of time before she gets asked to join a legendary rock band or start her own. Whatever it is that the future holds, we’re excited to see what happens next!

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