10 Clever Ways How To Build Your DIY Grill And Rock Out In Your Backyard

10 Clever Ways How To Build Your DIY Grill And Rock Out In Your Backyard | Society Of Rock Videos

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Take Your Party Outside

We may not be able to socialize the way we did pre-pandemic but we can still enjoy the sunny weather outside by grilling delicious and mouthwatering barbecue and basically just relaxing with family and close friends. Of course it goes without saying that we all should continue to practice safety protocols like regular handwashing and avoiding large crowds. Nevertheless, staying at home doesn’t have to be boring.

Check out these clever ways of building your grill.

Simple Temporary BBQ Grill

This is pretty easy and doesn’t require much in the skills department. It’s a space-saver and you can easily adjust its height by rearranging the bricks.

Pick the correct location and level it. Then lay down 12 bricks for its base. Pack them tightly. Use eight more bricks and put two on each side. Then you’re all set!

Terracotta Temporary Grill

This is best for those who prefer portable grills. You will need a 16″ terracotta pot, a 16″ terracotta saucer, bricks, and a grill grate. Put the bricks inside the pot, then the grate, and lastly the saucer. That’s it!

Portable Grill Cart

Using scrap wood, cut them and sand. Assemble the wooden frame and install the wheels. Add the propane tank and repaint the wood.

Repurposed Tool Box Grill

Prepare an old steel toolbox, steel grate, bolts, washer, nuts, paint remover, heat-resistant paint, magnets, and rubber stoppers. Cut the steel grates to exact size – the lower one needs to be shorter. Install the grate, remove the old paint, and repaint with heat-resistant paint. Install the legs and secure it properly.

BBQ Barrel

If you have an empty barrel lying around, clean it first then cut up an opening on it. Make the grill stand and put your barrel on top of it. Then add the handle, air vents, and your temperature gauge. Attach the lid and use a heat-resistant paint to prevent rust.

Wooden Grill with Concrete Countertop

Build the base using wood and to make it portable, add four wheels. The sink, barbecue, and cutting board are up next. Build the concrete countertop using sized holes. When adding the reinforcing bar, make sure that it doesn’t even touch the bottom of the frame. Attach the wooden frame with a bolt on each side.

Square Fire Pit

This is preferable for those with lots of space to spare. Depending on your personal preference, you can go for stones or bricks. First, find the right location, clear the space, and level it. Measure the bricks using your grill insert. Layer the bricks, like you do with Lego and lastly, add the grill.

Metal Filing Cabinet Grill

Reuse an old filing cabinet because it already has drawers for your fire and meat. Prepare the cabinet, grill grates, plywood, finishing nails, shelf-support pegs, wood glue, wood stain, heat-resistant paint, and other tools. Remove anything unnecessary inside the cabinet and then strip of its paint. Repaint it using the heat-resistant paint and set up the drawers for the fire and meat. Then, add the fire grate and build the lid. Lastly, install the handles.

Stone Grill

Prepare a metal grate, stones, and charcoal. Make a U-shaped pit around 2ft high. Secure the stones on the sides and back. Add rocks to the pit and cut the grate to fit the top part of the grill. Add flat rocks on the grate to keep it in place.

Large Backyard Grill

Prepare standard block sizes and patio & metal stakes to build the body. Expanded steel, rebar pieces, and sand will be for the fire pit and for its lid, get a steel drum, an angle iron, rod, steel plate, and some bolts. As you may have already noticed, this is a step-up from the previous simple grills.

After picking the right location, lay down the concrete blocks for the foundation keeping in mind the stability and proper support that it offers. Using an eight feet steel pipe, start building the pit and finish it by putting the lid.

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