These 10 Classic Rides Are As Iconic As The Rockstars Driving Them

These 10 Classic Rides Are As Iconic As The Rockstars Driving Them | Society Of Rock Videos

Rockstars Burning Rubber

With numerous chart-topping hits, multiple awards, sold-out shows, you can just imagine the look on their faces as these rockstars dance on their way to the bank. So what else do they do if they have money to burn? How else are they going to travel from one gig to the next in typical rockstar fashion? Of course they need a fancy ride!

1. Tom Petty – Jaguar XJS

In one interview, Tom Petty said: “I have so many great memories associated with this car. When I began dating Dana (my wife), I asked her what her favorite car was. So, I phoned the office and said I wanted a champagne convertible Jaguar XJS. The next day, they delivered it to my house and showed me how everything worked and I took it for a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. I was in heaven, as was Dana. This car has such an incredible design. My favorite car I ever owned. We sure are going to miss it.” Yes, we need a Tom Petty in our lives. In 2012, however, the champagne-colored convertible was auctioned off with the proceeds going to “Doctors Without Borders.” Jaguar stopped producing this model in 1996. This is a rare classic and it’s sleek and classy. We wouldn’t mind cruising around the neighborhood in this bad boy.


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