The Top 10 Most Underrated Classic Rock Singers Of All Time – See Who Made the Cut!


#7 – Geddy Lee

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

The fact that anything having to do with Rush can be deemed “underrated” in any way is rather unbelievable in of itself, but it’s the truth. Front man/bassist Geddy Lee is not the only thing about Rush that is underrated, but it probably is the most shocking. Geddy Lee has a singing voice that is the stuff of legend. His razor sharp falsetto and crystal clear enunciation of every word he sings sets him apart as one of the most unique and distinctive singers in all of rock and roll.

His lack of recognition for his singing abilities is criminal. He is an impeccably great musician, and an even better singer.

Him and his band Rush are revered as rock legends and are considered heroes amongst the hard rock community. Geddy Lee is truly underrated, and it’s a shame!


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