Rock Stars Who Will Turn 70 in 2017


1. Elton John

The legendary English singer-songwriter turns 70 on March 25, 2017.

The sun hasn’t gone down on The Rocket Man himself just yet. Concluding 2016 with a whopping  131 concerts and performances in 24 countries, it’s hard to believe Sir Elton John is going into his 70s, with a career spanning almost 5 decades! It doesn’t look like age is going to stop him now with a tour lined up in US, UK, Europe, Norway, and South America in 2017. The multi- Tony and Grammy award winner continues to add to his long list of accomplishments and the past year proves to have been quite a productive one for the singer – composer. Elton released his 33rd studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night, in February of 2016 and even peaked at number 6 in the UK charts. He also went to collaborate with rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers on their newest record. With all the energy and creativity he still has, it looks like Sir Elton John is up for an exciting seventh decade to come!


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