Eric Clapton Finally Announces His North American Tour Dates!

Eric Clapton Finally Announces His North American Tour Dates! | Society Of Rock Videos


The Long Wait Is Finally Over!

Well folks, it’s finally here. We finally get to see Eric Clapton live in all of his awesome as he has just announced a set of limited tour dates throughout 2017. Chances are that since this is a limited run (at least for now), Eric will be committed to pulling out all the stops at these concert dates. Knowing Eric Clapton, we can expect the absolute best. Amazingly melodic solos, beautiful instrumentation, and possibly some special guests!

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Either way, you can bet that this is a CAN’T MISS occasion. Even if he isn’t coming to your city, it’s definitely worth the travel to go and see him live.

The locations that Eric Clapton is playing are definitely suited for him and we can be assured that these dates will something special! See if he’s coming to your city with the tour dates listed below!

Eric Clapton — 2017 Tour Dates
March 19th New York, NY

March 20th New York, NY

March 25th Los Angeles, CA

March 26th Los Angeles, CA

September 7th New York, NY

September 8th New York, NY

September 15th Los Angeles, CA

September 16th Los Angeles, CA

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