9 Iconic Rock Song Lyric Changes You Didn’t Know About

9 Iconic Rock Song Lyric Changes You Didn’t Know About | Society Of Rock Videos

1. Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh’s hit about his reflections on Colorado’s rocky mountains was written after he his band the James Gang. It is very similar to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”. Many people may not have noticed a slight lyric change from the original album to the live version Walsh sings.In his original album Walsh sings the line “Bases are loaded and Casey’s at bat…” but when he sings it live, it goes “Bases are loaded and Nixon’s at bat…”, and then ties it in with the next line “Time to change the batter”, a satirical nod to the political issues during that time.

Joe Walsh said that this song was expensive write because he had to pay for the repair of the damage done to his neighbor’s garden while he was living in Colorado shortly after the fall out of the James Gang. He was mowing his lawn that looked over the Rocky Mountains when he had a eureka moment for the lyrics. When he ran inside the house to write the lyrics, he left the mower on and it ran into his neighbor’s garden.


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