5 Janis Joplin Songs You Have To Introduce To Your Grandchildren

5 Janis Joplin Songs You Have To Introduce To Your Grandchildren | Society Of Rock Videos

Let the young ones get to know the real queen of rock n’ roll!

While more and more grandparents are pressured to keep up more with the times and become tech-savvy just to connect with their grandkids, one easy way to form a bond with them is through music. You may find it surprising that when you introduce these youngsters to the rock classics, you’ll be seen as more hip and cool than old and boring. Music nowadays seems to have lost that gritty emotion and undeniable musicality songs from decades ago used to have and it’s only high time the next generation be reminded of them. Why not start off your grandkids’ music education to the awesome rock classics with the first queen of rock n’ roll of herself, Janis Joplin. You won’t be surprised these kids will be downloading and streaming Joplin’s greatest hits in no time.

1) Piece of My Heart

The kids have got to start with this iconic Janis Joplin hit from 1968. It was actually her cover of Aretha Franklin’s older sister Erma Franklin who first recorded it in 1967. It was Janis’ signature raspy blues vocals and ragged howls that made her own this song and turn it into a classic. Many artists such as Sammy Hagar, Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone, Faith Hill and even rapper Shaggy covered this song and took it to the charts too but nothing really beats Janis Joplin’s rendition that remains her biggest chart success of her career. She also sang this song as part of her encore at Woodstock ’69 (another thing to tell your grandchildren about).  The message of the song about a lovelorn woman willing to sacrifice a broken heart if the man she’s in love it would just take it hits right through every listener’s heart when Janis pours out hear bluesy vocals charged with emotion during the line “take it, break it and have another piece my heart. Although she wasn’t the original singer, the song remains most associated with Joplin and no one else, really.


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