10 Rock Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were Vegetarian


1. B.B. King

photo credit: alpha coders

B.B. King maybe well known as the King of the Blues, the influence of many great guitarists of our time. Not many people may know that he’s a licensed pilot, doesn’t drink or smoke, and he’s a vegetarian (despite having ironically done commercials for Wendy’s and McDonald’s). The King of Blues was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and lived with the disease for over twenty years until his death in 2015 at 89 years old.  After being diagnosed, he’s become a spokesperson in the fight against the disease, and as if to counter his commercials with Wendy’s and Mcdonald’s, he appeared in various ads for diabetes-management products. King has taken to vegetarianism to take charge of his diabetes, saying,
“I’m also a vegetarian, so I don’t have any real bad [health] problems. I  guess I don’t do everything I should—it wouldn’t be any fun to live!” 


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