Why Roger Daltrey Doesn’t Care About Fans’ Opinion

Why Roger Daltrey Doesn’t Care About Fans’ Opinion | Society Of Rock Videos

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The renowned frontman of The Who, Roger Daltrey, has garnered media attention lately for his open admissions in a backstage journal for The Times. Unexpectedly, Daltrey acknowledged that he doesn’t care what his followers think of him and declared that he is indifferent to their thoughts.

In his diary entries, Daltrey reflected on various aspects of his life, from organizing the last concerts for the Teenage Cancer Trust to his views on social media and aging. One notable revelation was his decision to abstain from reading reviews and comments on platforms like Twitter, emphasizing that he avoids them altogether. According to Daltrey, indulging in positive reviews would necessitate confronting negative ones, which he believes would only serve to upset him. As such, he chooses to distance himself from such feedback entirely.

Daltrey provided an honest assessment of social media, characterizing it as a medium largely intended to stoke one’s ego. He acknowledged the importance of social media for communication, but he also questioned the culture of validation that comes with likes and comments, saying he won’t bow to other people’s opinions of him. He said, “I don’t care what people think of me,” reiterating his resolve to live truly and without regard to what other people think.

On March 1, Daltrey celebrated his 80th birthday and offered some reflections on his philosophy at this point in his life. He acknowledged his mortality with pragmatism, mentioning the average life expectancy and his aspirations to meet it. However, he also made hints about transferring the baton to the next generations, realizing that someone else would need to continue his legacy.

Daltrey’s Last Act

An important turning point in Daltrey’s recent activities was saying goodbye to the Teenage Cancer Trust, an organization he had devoted 24 years of his life to. When he looked back on his time with the organization, he was very proud of the work he had done, highlighting how it gave him a purpose that went beyond being a rock star. This voyage came to an end at the 2024 Teenage Cancer Trust concert series’ final performance, “Ovation,” where Daltrey performed with renowned musicians including Kelly Jones, Eddie Vedder, Paul Weller, and Robert Plant.

Looking ahead, Daltrey announced plans for a new solo tour in North America, characterized as a ‘semi-acoustic’ experience. With nine dates scheduled for June, this tour represents another chapter in Daltrey’s storied career, showcasing his enduring passion for music and performance.

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