3 LSD Inspired Beatles Songs

3 LSD Inspired Beatles Songs | Society Of Rock Videos

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Examining The Beatles‘ catalog of songs makes it difficult to overlook the psychedelic period that accompanied their LSD experiments. Though the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” frequently takes center stage when people talk about the band’s psychedelic influences, the band’s experimentation with LSD was evident in more than one song.

Here are three surreal Beatles tracks that are influenced by LSD:

1. “Getting Better”
Although “Getting Better” doesn’t overtly reference LSD in its lyrics, the atmosphere of the song is undoubtedly tinged with psychedelic hues. According to legend, John Lennon used LSD during one particularly intense writing session and had a tumultuous trip that ended at the edge of a skyscraper. The band’s producer, George Martin, related the story, explaining that Lennon had accidentally taken the substance, thinking it was something else completely. Even though the situation was tumultuous, the song ended up being a testament to the band’s ability—albeit accidentally in this case—to incorporate their experiences into their music.

2. “I Am The Walrus”
The Beatles song “I Am The Walrus” is a perfect example of a song that clearly shows the influence of LSD due to its avant-garde arrangement and strange lyrics. John Lennon acknowledged that LSD had influenced the song’s origins, even if he subsequently explained that the meaningless lyrics were partially a purposeful attempt to confuse listeners. The band’s whimsical exploration of language and music is reflected in the lyrics, which are disconnected and the result of several acid trips. This creates a psychedelic tapestry that still captivates listeners today.

3. “Tomorrow Never Knows”
As evidence of John Lennon’s obsession with LSD-induced introspection and spiritual investigation, “Tomorrow Never Knows” Inspired by a psychedelic meditation book, Lennon created a soothing atmosphere that beckons listeners to let go and explore their innermost thoughts. The lyrics’ repetitive mantra-like style and the whirling instrumentation resemble the bizarre effects of an LSD trip, providing an insight into the band’s collective mind at this experimental stage of their career.

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