When 20 Year Old Robert Plant Changed The Sound of Music

When 20 Year Old Robert Plant Changed The Sound of Music | Society Of Rock Videos

YouTube / LedZeppelin

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby…

So, here we are in 1969 Copenhagen- in the audience. A band we have vaguely heard of from Britain sets up on the stage and we patiently wait for them to start playing music. In that moment, all the stars in the universe are aligning and descending onto the stage- drummer John Bonham, keyboardist/bassist John Paul Jones, guitarist Jimmy Page, and a celestial singer named Robert Plant. They are all stars being born, almost baby-faced.  Somehow we know, we feel, that this band IS music embodied. Then, sounds begin to omit from their instruments, their portals of music, and our lives will never be the same. To top it off, they’re performing “Babe Im Gonna Leave You,” which is the worst thing Robert Plant can sing to you after you have such an out of body experience. But it’s ok- Led Zeppelin is immortal.


YouTube / Led Zeppelin

When Aliens Landed On Earth

To watch a short-haired, 20 year old, Robert Plant sing on stage is an unworldly feeling. To hear him sing is paralyzing. He’s the voice of your soul talking back at you. John Paul J0nes rings in “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” with the deepest most excruciating pangs of bass notes- you could feel your heart beat with jealousy of such depth. Jimmy Page plays the guitar as if he’s about to wipe away your entire audio memory of every sound you have heard and replace it with the birthing sound of rock. John Bonham does this thing with the symbols that sounds like rocks falling down copper pipes. Then, he transforms into a black-hole and sucks the gravity out of the room- you’re now lost in his abyss. Led Zeppelin completely redefines the expectations of music- forever.

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