Watch Unseen Film Of The Rolling Stones’ Vacation In 1967

Watch Unseen Film Of The Rolling Stones’ Vacation In 1967 | Society Of Rock Videos

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Producers of an upcoming documentary shedding light on Anita Pallenberg’s life have unveiled never-before-seen footage capturing moments from her 1967 vacation with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

During this ocean voyage, Jagger famously coined the term “Glimmer Twins” for himself and Richards. The genesis of this nickname occurred when a fellow guest aboard the cruise recognized the Rolling Stones members as celebrities but couldn’t pinpoint their identities. To offer a clue, Jagger provided a “glimmer” of insight, thus cementing their moniker.

Accompanied by excerpts from Pallenberg’s unpublished memoirs, narrated by Scarlett Johansson, the footage offers a glimpse into intimate moments. In her memoirs, Pallenberg recalls the unique dynamics of their relationships, including the pivotal moment when she and Jagger prepared to inform Richards of his impending fatherhood.

Reflecting on their unconventional journey, Pallenberg remarked:

“We were never ‘peace and love’ kind of people, but we sought solace in each other’s company, aiming to reassure one another amidst the tumult.”

She reminisced about their voyage across the Atlantic on a freighter, where their eccentricity captivated fellow passengers. Pallenberg’s recollection includes vivid descriptions of their attire, with Marianne Faithfull exuding elegance akin to a character from a Tennessee Williams play. At the same time, Pallenberg carries her pregnancy with style and grace.

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg: Parenting Three Children Together

The documentary also shows Richards’ perspective on his relationship with Pallenberg, emphasizing her profound influence on his life and music. With three children together, Pallenberg’s presence looms large in Richards’ creative endeavors. Reflecting on their bond, Richards affectionately describes Pallenberg as his muse, acknowledging her role in shaping his artistic journey.

In a poignant moment, Richards reflects on their dynamic, admitting:

“I was bursting with love. Anita is in a lot of my songs. She’s a muse, I’m sure, and not just for me.”

He fondly recalls their shared adventures, highlighting Pallenberg’s spirited nature and her joy in his life.

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