10 60s TV Game Shows That Were Ahead of Their Time

10 60s TV Game Shows That Were Ahead of Their Time | Society Of Rock Videos

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The 1960s was a golden era for television game shows, launching many formats that have captivated audiences for decades. These shows were not just entertaining; they tested contestants’ knowledge, luck, and even their relationships in new ways that often challenged societal norms of the time. Below is a deeper look at some of the game shows from the 60s that broke the mold and paved the way for future generations of entertainment.

Hollywood Squares

On “Hollywood Squares,” contestants played a game similar to tic-tac-toe but with a special twist: each square was occupied by a celebrity. Players took turns selecting a star to answer a question for them. If they guessed correctly whether the celebrity’s answer was right or wrong, they’d earn that square. The goal was to line up three stars in a row. This mix of strategy and humor, with celebs often giving funny or absurd answers, made the show a standout. It wasn’t just about knowing trivia; players also had to read people, deciding when to trust the celebrities’ quirky responses.


“Password” brought a different challenge to the game show world. On this program, each team consisted of a celebrity and a contestant who worked together to guess a secret word. One would give a one-word clue, and the other had to find the right word. It demanded quick thinking and clear communication. The tense atmosphere as time ticked down, and teams tried to outdo each other with clever clues created edge-of-seat moments every round.

Match Game

“Match Game” was all about thinking alike. Contestants aimed to fill in the blanks of a sentence with the same word the celebrity panel had written down. Comedy often ensued as the answers ranged from the obvious to the bizarre, reflecting the personalities of the panel members. The viewer’s fascination came from watching how each contestant interpreted the clues and how often they could sync up with the celeb’s thoughts.

The Newlywed Game

Challenging the private nature of marital relationships was “The Newlywed Game.” On this show, recent newlyweds were quizzed on how well they knew each other, leading to blush-inducing moments and plenty of laughter. The couples’ often surprising or incorrect answers to personal questions not only provided humor but also highlighted the realities of married life, breaking down TV taboos around discussing such topics.

The Dating Game

“The Dating Game” added suspense to the quest for love by hiding the contestants from each other’s view. One single individual asked questions to three potential dates who were kept out of sight. This blind selection process was full of anticipation, with audiences eager to see the reaction when the chooser finally met their choice. The chemistry—or sometimes the lack thereof—that followed made for compelling television.

What’s This Song?

“Music lovers had a treat with “What’s This Song?” Contestants listened to a live orchestra play a short piece of a song, and then they had to name it. It was a race against time and a test of musical memory, making viewers hum along and guess from their living rooms. Sometimes, the snippets were obvious; other times, they were obscure, leading to nail-biting moments as contestants struggled to recall the tune.

Supermarket Sweep

Before reality TV made running around stores normal, “Supermarket Sweep” had contestants racing down aisles grabbing as much as they could. With a timer counting down, they had to think fast about what items to grab that would add up to the highest total. It was frenetic and exciting, and viewers loved the mayhem and strategies involved in this seemingly simple task.

Sale of the Century

On “Sale of the Century,” players answered trivia questions, but with the added twist of shopping deals. Contestants had to decide whether to use their hard-earned points on prizes that could help or hinder their chances of winning big. This added layer of strategy, where players weighed up the benefits of instant rewards against the potential for greater prizes, kept the audience guessing.

Missing Links

Finding the right word was the name of the game in “Missing Links.” Contestants worked out phrases or complete sentences with a vital word missing. The show was a display of language skills, with participants sometimes stumped and at other times impressively quick to solve the puzzle. It was both funny when they got it wrong and satisfying when everything clicked into place.

You Don’t Say!

Finally, “You Don’t Say!” mixed wordplay with a hint of charades. Celebrities tried to help contestants guess phrases or names by giving clues, but there was a catch—they couldn’t use certain obvious words. It was a game of synonyms, clever descriptions, and often, desperate gestures. Making people laugh at the ridiculous roundabout ways of getting to the answer, this show was as much about the journey as it was about the destination.

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