6 Times Roger Waters Was Disliked Very Much

6 Times Roger Waters Was Disliked Very Much | Society Of Rock Videos

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Regardless of the unparalleled musical success of Pink Floyd, there have been undeniable clashes within the band. Particularly prominent was the tension between Roger Waters and David Gilmour—two distinct creative forces who have attracted their share of admirers and critics.

Some argue that the persistent doggedness of Waters was the lifeblood of Pink Floyd, ensuring their survival post the departure of Syd Barrett. However, there have also been numerous instances where his actions have sparked controversy, drawing significant criticism towards him.

#1 — Accusation of Antisemitism

Waters, a co-founder of Pink Floyd, has faced allegations of expressed antisemitism. Critics claim he mentioned “Jew food” in a derogatory manner and that he fabricated a song about his agent, explicitly using an offensive term towards Judaism. This event raised substantial outrage, leading many to view Waters in a negative light.

#2 — Controversial Performance in a Nazi-Resembling Attire


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One of the most noteworthy controversies surrounding Waters is his performance in an outfit that strikingly resembled a Nazi uniform during a concert in Berlin. As the character of Pink from the rock opera ‘The Wall’, Waters appeared on stage in a black leather trenchcoat, adorned with a red armband bearing two crossed hammers instead of a swastika. This peculiar fashion choice was met with mixed reviews.

#3 — Claims of Personalizing Pink Floyd

When Gilmour joined the progressive rock band in 1967, his arrival signaled the imminent departure of founding member Syd Barrett in 1968. Subsequently, Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985 in a huff and unsuccessfully attempted to sue the remaining members for using the band name without his involvement.

Additionally, Waters stoked the fires of controversy by alleging that Gilmour had banned him from posting any content on the Pink Floyd website. This claim came to light in a video shared on his official Twitter page, in which he expressed disapproval over the absence of his new version of the song ‘Mother’ on the website.

#4 — Disparaging Political Views

It’s no secret that Waters’ political expressions have often been quite abrasive, even arguing it adversely affects the causes he supports. He considers himself an “antiwar” human rights activist but has shown sympathy for authoritarian leaders, such as Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, who align with his “anti-imperialist” stance.

Waters has also been criticized for his support for the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, where he labeled the White Helmets—an NGO assisting Syrian civilians—a “fake organization fronting for terrorists.” In addition, his staunch advocacy for Palestinian rights and critique of the Israeli government has often veered into the territory of antisemitic tropes.

#5 — Feuding with David Gilmour


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Waters’ creativity and input were pivotal in Pink Floyd’s success. However, a bitter feud between him and Gilmour ensued when Waters exited the band in 1984. Despite being key collaborators on numerous occasions, the duo had several public disputes and legal squabbles over using the band’s name. Their relationship remained tense with very few instances of reconciliation.

#6 — Antipathy Towards America

Waters is often vocal about his disdain for the United States. During his “This Is Not a Drill” tour, he amplified his grievances against the U.S., particularly during an interview with CNN-Sirius host Michael Smerconish. Waters referred to President Joe Biden as a “war criminal” for continuing to support the Ukraine war without attempting to secure a negotiated settlement.

Hence, fans of Pink Floyd listening to Waters for a nostalgic connection with their old favorites may find themselves confronted with his vehement political viewpoints. His statements and viewpoints have managed to turn a portion of his audience against him, shedding light on the complex, often controversial figure he presents within the music industry.

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