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The Love Songs From KISS | Society Of Rock Videos

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A Softer Side

We’ve gotten so used to KISS’ sex-themed songs that sometimes we tend to forget they also have love tunes in their catalog. The band never shied away from sleazy lyrics and sexual innuendos so it’s downright refreshing to hear their soft and somewhat sensitive side – even if they’re still fist-pumping rockers. They actually have over a dozen love songs but not all of them received airplay. After all, it’s their badass rock ‘n roll tracks that became fan favorites.

Check out this list and let us know what’s your top 3.

5. Comin’ Home

I’ve been to east and west, but baby, I like best
The road that leads to you

You probably didn’t expect to hear anything like this from them. It’s about a guy who’s apparently extremely loyal to his lady that he just can’t wait to go home to her. Paul Stanley wrote it so we’re wondering if this is actually for someone or you know, if he just drew inspiration somewhere.

4. Love Her All I Can

I remember the times I was lonely without her
Now she’s mine, and I spend my time dreaming about her

This is from the same band who wants to “rock and roll all night and party every day”. Another Paul Stanley creation, who would have thought his ladies man can also be romantic? The lines are cheesy, sure, but then, most love songs are.

3. Anything for My Baby

I’m in love and it feels so good
‘Cause I need her
Don’t mistreat her
And I tell her so

This rousing rocker is unfairly overlooked. It starts out sweet enough that the guy would do anything for his baby. But by “anything”, he actually meant steal, wheel, and deal. That escalated quickly for sure.

2. Beth

Just a few more hours
And I’ll be right home to you

Drummer Peter Criss sings this ballad and well, we’re hands-down impressed with the vocal performance. Actually, we like the entire song. It’s a departure from what they were used to playing. When rock ‘n roll bands steer towards this kind of music, it doesn’t always work for them. But surprisingly for KISS, it did.

1. Do You Love Me?

You like the hotels and fancy clothes
And the sound of electric guitars, but
Do you love me, do you love me
Do you love me, I mean like do you
Really love me

This is perhaps every rockstar’s predicament – does the girl love him or the things he can give her? Limousine, credit cards, private planes, hotels, fancy clothes, and of course, backstage passes – he lists down all the things she’s enjoying while she’s with him so he’s wondering if her feelings are real. And you gotta love the desperation in his voice because all the poor little guy just wants is for someone to love him for him.

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