The Golden God: Robert Plant Is On FIRE In ’68 “Baby, Come On Home” Masterpiece

The Golden God: Robert Plant Is On FIRE In ’68 “Baby, Come On Home” Masterpiece | Society Of Rock Videos


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From Led Zeppelin’s Coda album, track “Baby, Come On Home” in this recording not only showcases Plant’s early vocal abilities, but also reveals a softer side to the wonderful blues rock band. In not two takes, but three, you start to hear Plant’s stellar vocals emerge after the introduction of JPJ’s killer Hammond organ mini- solo. With so much passion, angst and hurt in his voice, Plant resembles a broken but still faithful gospel singer that will blow you away.

Interesting Fact: The master tape went missing for a number of years and allegedly turned up in a refuse bin outside Olympic Studios, following renovations in 1991.

Recorded for first album Led Zeppelin, the track was written for songwriter and producer Bert Burns as a combination of two of the hits he wrote back in 60’s as a tribute to his genius. From early Yardbirds, “Baby Come On Home” was recorded in 1968, when Led Zeppelin was still referred to as The New Yardbirds, during their first few months.

With simple guitar work from Jimmy, low beats from Bonham, untouchably soulful and heart- wrenching vocals from the golden god and incredible organ skills that make the song as powerful, inspirational and soulful as it is- this is definitely Zeppelin’s greatest track they never bragged about.

+ Baby, Come On Home Lyrics +

There was a time, I used to call you on my very own
We were so happy woman, Talkin’ for hours and hours on the telephoneThen one day, I set you up to walk right outta my life
Leavin’ me all by myself, All alone, to cry every night(Babe…) oooh, I want you to come back home yeah (come on home)
(oooh yeah) Sweet little girl (ooh yeah, been gone so long)
been away so longNow listen to me: I said I made up my mind
Woman when you left me there, oh
I was gonna find another sweet lover
Who’s gonna feel all of my… caresSo I met a sweet little girl, Just about as nice as she could be, oh
I fell in love with that woman, But she turned around,
and did the same thing again to me…(Babe…) Baby, please come home (come on home) hoome yeah…
I know, (ya been gone too long) been away so long
(Babe…) I want you to please come home, oh (come on hooome…)

So I made up my mind, I gonna crawl right back to you woman
I’m gonna plead and plead and plead, yeah, ‘Till you’re here by my side
I can’t even walk down the same old streets we used to walk down
‘Cause I keep thinkin about all the good times
Keep thinkin’ about it, I wanna make you mine

Babe, babe, babe, please (come on home, yeah) (come on home)
(You’ve been gone too long)

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