The Facts Behind Sharon Osbourne’s Life

The Facts Behind Sharon Osbourne’s Life | Society Of Rock Videos

Many rock artists’ spouses are only well-known because of their renowned companions, but not Sharon Osbourne. This woman has proven herself to be more than just her husband’s, Ozzy Osbourne, manager. The fact that Sharon accomplished all of her career triumphs despite enduring extreme adversity makes it more worthy.

To name some, here are some of the Queen of Darkness’s bad experiences that ultimately made her a stronger person.

Don Arden was an abusive father

Sharon was forced to face hardship at a young age due to the mistreatment she had from her own father, Don Arden. In one of her interviews, Sharon revealed that “A couple of times he would whack me, and he used to yank my hair. I wouldn’t say I was abused and beaten; in those days it was a normal thing.”

Sharon experienced hardships and lived in poverty as a child

Sharon’s parents rarely provided her with school lunches as a child. She recalled, “We were on our own, rain or shine, sometimes with a packed lunch, usually not. Even when I was older and could make my own sandwiches, half the time there was no bread in the bin.”

She aborted a child when she was a teen

Growing up, she faced one unpleasant situation in which she was forced to make the hardest choice of her life which is to undergo an abortion at the age of 17.

Her father and brother both attempted to turn Ozzy against her

The relationship between Sharon and Ozzy has certainly had its difficult moments, but overall, the marriage has been one of the brightest spots in her life. Therefore, it is especially terrible that her own family members attempted to sabotage it shortly after the couple wed in 1982. Thankfully, Ozzy saw through the scam.

She had three miscarriages

Sharon recalled this saddening experience by saying, “When I attempted to have children, I lost three – I suppose it was because something had occurred to my cervix during the abortion. After three miscarriages, doctors had to put a stitch in it.”

Her father bluffed her once again into paying a multimillion-dollar tax bill

Her father successfully manipulated her into doing something that would cause massive problems for her later. During the time when Sharon was quickly trying to pack up her belongings to move out of Los Angeles, her father’s bookkeeper arrived. She convinced her to help her once again and convinced her to help her father one more time. For the sake of getting rid of him, she signed her name at the bottom of a tax return. After 20 years, she was given a massive tax bill of $2.5 million.

She almost suffered from alcohol addiction

Sharon used to drink a lot due to her profession in music and a drug- and alcohol-abusing husband. Fortunately, Sharon did not have a serious addiction at that point and was able to maintain her discipline at all times.

The couple’s violence

Sharon did consider divorcing Ozzy due to his unacceptable behavior towards him. However, Sharon was not the one to deny that she was treating him the same too. She remembered throwing a full bottle of scotch directly at his head during an argument. Fortunately, when their firstborn child arrived, the two kept their word that they will never hurt each other again.

Her son Jack struggled with drug addiction

In addition to her own drinking troubles and seeing the terrible consequences on her husband, Sharon also had to watch while her son, Jack, struggled with addiction.

The Osbourne children thought that their grandfather was dead

Due to his father’s abusive behavior and wrong parenting, she completely stops communicating with him and even told her children that he was already dead.

Sharon surpassed stage three colon cancer

“I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer, and it was in my lymph nodes as well. It had spread. And the only thing I had was I was very tired. But it’s not like I woke up one day and it got to stage three,” Sharon said in an interview. Fortunately, she was able to treat it before it could have become worse.

She struggled with her own thoughts regarding her body

Sharon also faced depression when she felt bad about her own body. She ate far too frequently to decompress and suffered from bulimia problems. Sharon recalled, “The food is stacked up to my throat. Then I have to go and be sick. I don’t even have to make myself vomit. It’s automatic.”

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