The Eagles ’73 “Tequila Sunrise” Is Their Most Underrated Performance

The Eagles ’73 “Tequila Sunrise” Is Their Most Underrated Performance | Society Of Rock Videos

It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

It’s as if this beautiful and calming song seems to hypnotize the audience as Glenn Frey serenades them with sweet, soft vocals to iconic Eagles hit “Tequila Sunrise.” What could possibly make this performance even more magical? Maybe its the improv lyrics that Glenn throws in just for the hell of it, only at this particular show…? Maybe that’s it.

“Guess I’ll go to Mexico down to where the pace of life is slow & there’s no one there I know. It’s another Tequila Sunrise wondering if I’m growing wise of telling lies…”

As you watch the video, you see that there only two paces they seem to sway to- slow and slower- from side-to-side, they bob their heads and roll their bodies back in forth in their seats, as if they don’t even know they are being taken by the contagious, subtle beat

Interesting Fact: A Tequila Sunrise is a drink made with Tequila and orange juice, however, doesn’t refer to the drink- but is about a guy who has been drinking straight tequila until the sun comes up.

We dare you to not fall in love with Glenn (even if you are a man) in this performance as these vocals may just be as close to perfection as possible, besides their critically acclaimed Capitol Theatre show, of course.

Enjoy this rare, early clip of the Eagles doing what they do best.

+ Tequila Sunrise Lyrics +

It’s another tequila sunrise
Starin’ slowly ‘cross the sky, said goodbye
He was just a hired hand
Workin’ on the dreams he planned to try
The days go by

Ev’ry night when the sun goes down
Just another lonely boy in town
And she’s out runnin’ ’round

She wasn’t just another woman
And I couldn’t keep from comin’ on
It’s been so long
Oh, and it’s a hollow feelin’ when
It comes down to dealin’ friends
It never ends

Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It’s another tequila sunrise,this old world
still looks the same,
Another frame, mm…

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