The Biggest Secret Revealed In Matthew Perry’s Memoir

The Biggest Secret Revealed In Matthew Perry’s Memoir | Society Of Rock Videos

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Friends star Matthew Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing, passed away at the age of 54, drawing attention to his memoir published almost a year before his death.

Perry’s memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, was released on November 1, 2022. In it, he delves into his famous relationships, experiences on the beloved TV series Friends, and his well-documented struggles with addiction.

Here are seven significant revelations from Perry’s memoir:

His Relationship with Julia Roberts

Perry details his six-month relationship with the “beautiful and brilliant” Julia Roberts, which began before her guest appearance on Friends. Their connection involved frequent faxes and extended phone conversations. Perry confessed to ending the relationship, fearing that Roberts would leave him, a pattern he recognized in his past relationships.

His Drug Use During Friends

The chapter about Perry’s addiction battle in his memoir is rather substantial. At his lowest point, he consumed 55 powerful painkillers daily to cope with his role in Friends. He revealed that his physical appearance on the show reflected his substance use: weight gain indicated alcohol consumption, weight loss suggested pill usage, and a goatee often signaled a heavy pill phase. Perry also admitted to “borrowing” pills from open houses.

Jennifer Aniston’s Intervention

During the height of his addiction, Perry’s Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston confronted him about his substance abuse. Her revelation left him devastated, as he tried to conceal his problem. Aniston’s candid approach made him realize the depth of his issue.

Bizarre Comments About Keanu Reeves

In his memoir, Perry expressed puzzlement over why certain actors, like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger, had died while Keanu Reeves was still alive. He even admitted to punching a hole in Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall upon hearing of Chris Farley’s drug overdose. However, Perry later apologized, explaining that he is, in fact, a fan of Keanu Reeves.

Near-Death Experiences

Perry’s struggle with substance abuse continued after Friends, nearly leading to his demise. He suffered a life-threatening colon rupture caused by opioid overuse, followed by a heart stoppage incident that left him with eight broken ribs during CPR. This health ordeal forced him to withdraw from an acting project.

Kiss with Valerie Bertinelli

While her husband Eddie Van Halen was unconscious close by, Perry also remembered having a sexual encounter with Valerie Bertinelli, a former child star. The next day, Bertinelli acted as if nothing had happened, leaving Perry feeling devastated. She later acknowledged the incident on TikTok.

Crush on Jennifer Aniston

Surprisingly, Perry had asked Jennifer Aniston out before their time on Friends. Although they had known each other for several years, Aniston declined his advances, opting for friendship. Perry admits that he had a strong crush on her during the early stages of the show.

Matthew Perry’s memoir sheds light on his struggles, relationships, and the challenges he faced throughout his career. His experiences serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing addiction and seeking help when needed.

If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction, there are helplines and resources available to provide support and guidance.

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