The 3 Artists That Was Labeled The Next Beatles

The 3 Artists That Was Labeled The Next Beatles | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Beatles were a legendary band that left an indelible mark on music history. Many bands that followed were compared to them. Here are three bands that were called the “next Beatles” when they first started.

1. Oasis
Oasis, also from England, gained popularity both at home and internationally. People saw similarities between their music and the Beatles, and the band themselves even claimed to be the next Beatles. However, Paul McCartney advised against such comparisons, saying it could be detrimental. Despite this, Oasis made their mark on the music scene.

2. Bee Gees
Before becoming disco legends, the Bee Gees were compared to the Beatles as they tried to break into the American music market. Their manager even released their early songs under the Beatles’ name to generate interest. Eventually, the Bee Gees found success with their distinctive disco sound.

3. One Direction
Everywhere One Direction traveled, they created a commotion, just like the Beatles did at their peak. Due to the band’s fervent fan base, Beatlemania was likened to the band. Despite this, One Direction members downplayed how good they were at music compared to the Beatles. Despite this, they went on to become one of the most well-liked boy bands of the time.

Even though these bands were compared to the Beatles at the beginning of their careers, they all went on to forge distinctive careers in the music business. These bands each made a substantial contribution to music, but The Beatles’ impact is still unrivaled.

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