The 10 Kinkiest Rock Songs Ever

The 10 Kinkiest Rock Songs Ever | Society Of Rock Videos

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Something A Little Sexy?

In rock, there’s no shortage of sex-themed songs. From heavy metal to power ballad, there’s a little something for everyone. Some are straightforward and way too blunt while others are more on the subtle side. Either way, these are tracks you choose to spice up your playlist. There are hundreds to choose from whether you prefer something a bit romantic or straight-up dirty.

Here are ten of the kinkiest songs in rock.

10. The Velvet Underground – “Venus in Furs”

Inspired by a novella of the same name by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, it’s basically about BDSM and a man who enjoys being dominated by his woman. Funny enough, it was once used by Dunlop in a commercial for tires.

9. Aerosmith – “Love in an Elevator”

The title says it all and because it’s Aerosmith, we know it’s not about finding your soulmate in an elevator. It’s inspired by Steven Tyler’s personal experience, of course. He and some girl were making out in an elevator when the doors opened. According to Tyler, “It felt like a lifetime waiting for those doors to close.”

8. The Beatles – “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”

Paul McCartney found inspiration in the most unlikely scenarios – two monkeys getting it on. In an interview, he said, “A male [monkey] just hopped on the back of this female and gave her one, as they say in the vernacular. Within two or three seconds he hopped off again and looked around as if to say “It wasn’t me!” and she looked around as if there’d been some mild disturbance … And I thought … that’s how simple the act of procreation is … We have horrendous problems with it, and yet animals don’t.” Only Ringo Starr and McCartney worked on the song but John Lennon told one interviewer that he did enjoy the track. We’re not sure if that’s actually true.

7. The Doors – “Back Door Man”

Originally recorded by Howlin’ Wolf and written by Willie Dixon, Back Door Man refers a guy having an affair with a married woman. He has to exit through the backdoor when the husband comes home. The Doors’ drummer John Densmore talked about the song as “deeply sexual and got everyone moving.”

6. Nine Inch Nails – “Closer”

Let’s not even talk about the bizarre music video. It’s a straight-up strip club anthem and it became one of Nine Inch Nails’ most successful singles. There are several interpretations of the song and Mötley Crüe drummer commented on it saying, “That’s the all-time f**k song. Those are pure f**k beats – Trent Reznor knew what he was doing. You can f**k to it, you can dance to it and you can break shit to it.”

5. KISS – “Plaster Caster”

It’s a song about the famous groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster who made molds out of famous rockstars’ penises. When she was asked about the song dedicated to her, Cynthia said, “When someone first alerted me to the song ‘Plaster Caster,’ I wasn’t too thrilled. It seemed like Gene Simmons wrote the song to make people think that he’d been casted, which he most certainly never was. But years later when Evan Dando’s band the Lemonheads covered it, I started to notice how catchy the melody was. Nowadays, I’m all right with the song. Don’t LOVE it, but I like it. If it’s changed my life, I’m not aware of it.”

4. Guns N’ Roses – “Pretty Tied Up”

These boys never shied away from double entendres or straightforward kinky lyrics. Written by guitarist Izzy Stradlin, it’s inspired by something he witnessed at a friend’s house. He recalled, “My Mexican friend Tony took me to meet this woman named Margot at her house. She gave us some tequila or something and she goes in the bedroom and we walk in and there’s this big fat naked guy with an onion in his mouth. He’s wearing women’s underwear and high heels and he’s tied up with duct tape against the wall. Me and Tony were like, What the fuck is going on here? Cracking up laughing. She was this dominatrix chick.”

3. Alice Cooper – “Cold Ethyl”

This is creepy and disturbing even by Alice Cooper standards. It’s about necrophilia. Cooper addressed the controversy by writing, “Actually, ‘Cold Ethyl’ is just a harmless number about necrophilia. The point I want to make is that the kids are not bothered by this — their parents are. The kids see the song and gruesome antics, like with the guillotine, for exactly what it is — satire, done with a sense of humor to a rock ‘n’ roll beat.” Yup, still creepy.

2. The Rolling Stones – “Brown Sugar”

The lyrics talk about something serious like rape and slavery. It’s also about interracial sex. Although the song’s highly successful, Mick Jagger revealed that he understood where the controversy came from. “God knows what I’m on about on that song. It’s such a mishmash. All the nasty subjects in one go… I never would write that song now.”

1. ZZ Top – “Pearl Necklace”

Only ZZ Top can get away with lyrics like the ones from this song. It doesn’t take much to understand what the song is about especially with the line – “And that’s not jewelry she’s talkin’ about – it really don’t cost that much.” Billy Gibbons once explained, “There is an advantage to being last in the record bin. I think when Tipper Gore got to Zappa, she just got so disgusted she didn’t go any further.”

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