The 10 Eagles Songs That Were A Flop

The 10 Eagles Songs That Were A Flop | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Eagles, the rock legends with timeless hits, had their share of rough patches in the music record scene. Despite several chart-toppers, some tracks unfortunately didn’t meet the standards for a successful record hit. Exploring the 10 Worst Eagles Songs, we zoom into final albums, uncovering those that missed the mark.

No surprise that tracks including The Long Run (1979), Hell Freezes Over (1994), and Long Road Out of Eden (2007) dominate the list. The era concluded with The Long Run album featuring three singles that fell short of topping the charts. On the flip side, Long Road Out of Eden, the band’s ambitious return, grappled with excessive material, leading to a two-disc release.

In a 2007 interview with Herald Extra, Don Henley candidly admitted a couple of unnecessary additions on Long Road Out of Eden, risking band unity. “I think there are only a couple of superfluous things on there,” Henley acknowledged.

Despite these setbacks, the Eagles’ acclaim and contributions to the music industry stand strong. They’ve had some stellar hits, but like anyone else, they’ve stumbled a bit. Now, let’s dig into the 10 Eagles songs that didn’t rock the house.

1. “On the Border”
From On the Border, this Eagles’ song tries to get tough but falls flat. The lyrics and music simply lacked the punch to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

2. “Frail Grasp of the Big Picture”
In Hell Freezes Over album, the band tried on a mishmash of ’80s solo vibes. Henley’s lyrics mixed with keyboards including synthesizers ended with a dreary groove. As he confessed, “I Can’t Stand Still” influenced this single, and it did have a frail grasp to hit the charts.

3. “Chug All Night”
An early lackluster number, this track was a combo of a monotonous riff and drowsy vocals. Glenn Frey sings, “And I’ve been meaning to tell you, baby, that it makes no sense.” And many Eagles fans say that’s true for this single.


4. “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks”
In this track, Henley’s nostalgia for college parties in Austin unfortunately takes a wrong turn. This track lacks the attitude and humor of the ’60s frat-rock bands, heaping on the disappointment.


5. “Get Over It”
This is another humorless track that struggled to find its groove. Despite the fiery guitar solo by Joe Walsh, it still lacked the elements to make it last in the charts. Still, it somehow cracked the Top 40 after a 15-year hiatus from new singles.


6. “Nightingale”
This single was added to the album due to label demands, so it felt rushed. The band’s attempt to cover a Jackson Browne song fell short, leaving it feeling like an afterthought.


7. “Teenage Jail”
A musical irritant with unfocused lyrics, “Teenage Jail” is the B-side to a chart-topper, showing the Eagles’ contrasting elements. It’s surprising that J.D. Souther, behind several hits, was part of this lackluster throwaway.


8. “I Love to Watch a Woman Dance”
A recycled version by the same writer, this solo song simply lacks originality. It’s an odd fit on the band’s Hell Freezes Over album, and again, it fails to leave a good musical impression of the band’s style.


9. “The Disco Strangler”
Co-credited to Frey, Henley, and Felder, this one captures Henley’s typical style but adds a disco-infused bass line. Unfortunately, the track’s humorless theme and repetitive riff make it a forgettable entry.


10. “I Wish You Peace”
Bernie Leadon, known for rootsy vibes, co-wrote this slow-paced track. Henley dismissed it as “smarmy cocktail music.” Sadly, it didn’t do justice to Leadon’s previous contributions to the band.

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