The 10 Best Collaborations Between George Harrison and Ringo Starr

The 10 Best Collaborations Between George Harrison and Ringo Starr | Society Of Rock Videos

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Aside from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed their songwriting duo within The Beatles. Harrison played guitar and wrote songs, while Starr played drums and occasionally sang.

Their friendship persisted long after the band disbanded, as they collaborated for years. They had a deep mutual respect and musical abilities and knew what to expect when seeking input on their songs. Here are ten memorable collaborations between Harrison and Starr, both in and out of the studio.

1. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Harrison plays guitar, and Starr plays drums on the famous song from The Beatles’ White Album, demonstrating their musical chemistry. It continues to be a cherished part of music history thanks to its modern instrumentation, introspective lyrics, and groundbreaking production.

2. “Photograph”
Harrison wrote Starr’s smashing track, which soared up to the charts and reached the top ten in multiple countries. He also rocked out on the guitar and provided killer backup vocals for the track, showcasing his musical talents in a big way.

3. “All Those Years Ago”
After learning of John Lennon’s unexpected death, Harrison was crushed and used his sorrow to write a touching song in his friend’s honor. Listeners were captivated by the emotion, and sincerity weaved into every note as Starr’s sincere drumming and soulful backing vocals transformed the duet into a moving tribute to John’s musical legacy and their cherished relationship.

4. Concert For Bangladesh
Harrison planned this landmark charity performance for Bangladesh, and Starr was one of the influential artists. They performed numerous songs together, including “It Don’t Come Easy,” showcasing their musical bond.

5. “Here Comes the Sun”
Starr’s extraordinary drumming abilities elevate Harrison’s famous tune, “Here Comes the Sun,” from The Beatles’ legendary album Abbey Road, providing a mesmerizing rhythm resonating with music fans through generations.

Also clear in every beat he puts down is Starr’s innate comprehension of the song’s arrangement and his ability to play for the music rather than showboating. His musicality and control let Harrison’s song shine, while his rhythmic understanding adds depth and complexity to the track.

6. “Wah-Wah”
On this track from Harrison’s debut solo album, All Things Must Pass, Starr performed drums, creating a powerful rhythm that perfectly complemented Harrison’s soaring guitar work.

Starr’s drumming amplifies the fury and intensity of Harrison’s vocals and guitar solos as the song moves into its final chorus. “What Is Life” is elevated to timeless classics due to the symbiotic interaction between Harrison and Starr’s performances, producing a good synergy.

7. “Back Off Boogaloo”
Harrison wrote Starr’s hit track, with him providing guitar and backing vocals. The song’s great choruses and lively feel make it a memorable collaboration. He wrote the catchy choruses of the song with skill, and they stood out and connected with listeners.

They were contagious and immediately memorable, keeping listeners singing along long after the song had finished. His great ear for melody and song structure shined through, resulting in a tuneful and captivating composition.

8. “It’s All Down to Goodnight Vienna”
Starr’s title track from the same-titled album, written by Harrison and featuring his guitar performance, resulted in a funky and uplifting tune.

One of the most notable aspects of ‘Ringo’ was Harrison’s guitar playing, which was the song’s focal point. His proficient riffs and lyrical solos added a level of musicality, giving the song a lively and inventive feel.

An explosive horn part, a catchy bassline, and Starr’s rhythmic drumming all helped ‘Ringo’ have a groovy feel thanks to its rich and dynamic accompaniment. The performance was flawless, perfectly recreating the spirit of the 1970s while remaining timeless.

9. “My Sweet Lord”
Harrison’s chart-topping single from his album All Things Must Pass, with Starr adding drums and percussion to this spiritual and melodious masterpiece. It is a well-loved song that continues to impact listeners worldwide thanks to its soul-stirring lyrics, enticing guitar melodies, and rhythmic groove produced by Starr’s drums and percussion.

10. “Living in the Material World”
Harrison wrote the song, which includes his recognizable slide guitar playing. This song communicates a message about the change in material possessions and the importance of internal values, reflecting Harrison’s spiritual ideas.

The name of an album by Harrison and a song on Starr’s record, which both echo Harrison’s spiritual beliefs and his pursuit of deeper meaning beyond materialism, “Living in the Material World,” is connected to both Harrison and Starr.

Their melodies touched the hearts of millions, and their music is still treasured by generations of fans who are grateful for their long-lasting collaboration. Harrison and Starr’s special bond and a shared love of music left an indelible effect on rock music history. Their songs will always occupy a special place in the hearts of music fans everywhere.

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