Metallica Members Recall Their First Ever Album Purchases

Metallica Members Recall Their First Ever Album Purchases | Society Of Rock Videos

via Jimmy Kimmel Live / Youtube

During their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Metallica‘s four members shared stories about the first musical albums they owned while growing up.

Lars Ulrich was discussing the band’s recent purchase of a vinyl pressing plant when Kimmel asked each member about their first vinyl album.

Reflecting on the topic, the band members recounted their early musical tastes, which ranged from being spot-on with what was expected of them to surprising revelations.

1. Deep Purple, Fireball
“In 1973, my dad took me to see Deep Purple in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it was an unforgettable experience,” reminisced Ulrich, the renowned drummer. The next day Ulrich lost no time making his way to the record store to buy their Fireball album, saying, “The energy and power of their performance blew me away, and I was instantly hooked.”

The band’s second album with the MKII configuration, Fireball, was released in 1971 and featured classic songs like “Some Kind of Woman” and “Fireball.” It should come as no surprise that Deep Purple and their Fireball album significantly influenced Ulrich, given his well-known appreciation of heavy music. It continues to be a special part of his musical path today.

2. Santana, Abraxas
The audience cheered when Robert Trujillo joined the stage after saying, “My first album was Santana’s Abraxas!” The rhythmic character of Wild and Peaceful and the album Abraxas noted for its significant singles “Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va,” definitely played a significant part in Trujillo’s musical path as he eventually made his way to the bass.

Both albums’ driving basslines and intricate rhythms undoubtedly left a lasting impact on him, influencing his approach to playing the bass. His early exposure to these classic albums likely fueled his passion for music and set him on the trajectory to become the accomplished bassist he is today.

3. The Partridge Family. A Patridge Family Christmas Card
When asked about the first CD he ever acquired, guitarist Kirk Hammett responded unexpectedly, and his demeanor revealed he knew it was unexpected. “I don’t want to say,” the guitarist admitted shyly. “OK, it was the Partridge Family Christmas Album,” Hammett said, surprising the audience with his recollection of the CD. He said it came with a green cover and a red envelope that he took and opened revealing the Partridge Family signed a Christmas card, Hammett explained. Unfortunately, Hammett verified that the card was no longer in his possession.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd
James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica, was the last to share his choice for the first album he ever owned during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. When asked, He simply stated, “I think it was Lynyrd Skynyrd,” which Kimmel praised as a “strong” choice.

He has spoken before about his admiration for “Free Bird,” considering it the greatest song of all time. This classic track appeared on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s debut album, released in 1973, which is widely regarded as a cornerstone of Southern rock with its raw and authentic sound.

These formative musical influences not only influenced Metallica’s distinct style but also contributed to their remarkable success in the realm of rock and metal music.

Their adeptness at blending and reimagining various genres while staying true to their own distinct voice has garnered them a dedicated worldwide fanbase and solidified their reputation as one of the most influential and esteemed bands in the history of rock and metal music. Even today, Metallica’s band members hold these early musical memories dear as a wellspring of inspiration that continues to ignite their passion for creating innovative music.

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