Rock Out To Dolly Parton’s New Song “World On Fire” – Nicole

Rock Out To Dolly Parton’s New Song “World On Fire” – Nicole | Society Of Rock Videos

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Nothing Is Stopping Dolly

Dolly Parton has recently released the initial track from her highly anticipated Rockstar album, the impactful and direct “World on Fire.”

“World on Fire” stands out among the extensive 30-track compilation of the Rockstar album, as it deviates from the pattern of featuring rock ‘n’ roll collaborators. Demonstrating her versatility, Dolly Parton takes the reins as the sole songwriter for this poignant song, delving into the prevailing emotions of anger, fear, and dissatisfaction resonating across the globe. With her characteristic fiery spirit, the country star fearlessly delivers powerful lines, such as “Greedy politicians, both past and present, remain oblivious to the truth even if it confronts them directly.”

Sharing her inspiration behind the song, Dolly Parton expressed in a statement, “This song resonated deeply with me, and I felt compelled to write it. I believe it reflects the current state of affairs and speaks to people from all walks of life in this day and age. My hope is that it will not only touch your heart but also inspire enough individuals to strive for positive change.”

During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Parton revealed her plans to give “World on Fire” its live debut at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards. Describing the song’s essence, she elaborated, “It encapsulates the spirit of our times and encourages us to bridge our differences and foster greater harmony. It carries a powerful message, reminiscent of a rock anthem while maintaining a strong and solid foundation.”

Listen to the song below:

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