Ranking The Best Songs In The Beatles’ “Revolver”

Ranking The Best Songs In The Beatles’ “Revolver” | Society Of Rock Videos

UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 15: THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS Photo of BEATLES, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison - posed, group shot - at Alpha Television Studios, Aston, Birmingham (Photo by David Farrell/Redferns)

Musical Brilliance

When The Beatles released Revolver in 1966, they broke new grounds. They never shied away from experimenting and taking full advantage of available technology in the recording studio and this is what it came to. From trippy sounds to explosive beats, The Fab Four once again proved they were innovators. The result was a stunning and daring piece of album that clearly showed they were at the top of their game.

The beauty lies in its diversity – the songs varied from being about drugs to religion. And The Beatles came through brilliantly. This may be a masterpiece but there are still tracks which aren’t up to par with Beatles standards so we’re listing down the best tunes only.

10. Yellow Submarine

Even the most ardent Beatles fans have a love-hate relationship with Yellow Submarine. It’s still a big hit for them and Ringo Starr had his shining moment here in terms of vocal performance. While it may not be THE best, it’s certainly not the worst either.

9. And Your Bird Can Sing

Do the lyrics make sense? Not exactly. But it captured the ’60s sound and the whole song made the world a little brighter just by existing.

8. For No One

It’s poignant and moving. This baroque piece is one of the greatest (and saddest) pieces Paul McCartney has ever written.

7. She Said She Said

If this song gives you that feel-good vibe then it comes as no surprise because it was inspired by one of their drug trips. That’s why it sounds trippy!

6. Taxman

It defines Revolver. And it’s catchy enough to stay in your head for days.

5. Love You To


George Harrison came through with this tune. At the time, he was a bit obsessed with Indian music and it showed in here.

4. Got To Get You Into My Life

All things considered, this is one of the most under-appreciated Beatles songs.

3. Tomorrow Never Knows


The perfect song to close Revolver. And it’s proof that they were ahead of their time in terms of experimentation.

2. Here, There and Everywhere

It’s exquisite and McCartney’s genius shone through. He once referred to it as one of his best songs and we couldn’t agree more.

1. Eleanor Rigby

It’s a classic through and through. It stood the test of time and even today, it remains one of their most enduring tunes.

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