She Nails “Stairway To Heaven” Right On The Money- Perfectly Done

She Nails “Stairway To Heaven” Right On The Money- Perfectly Done | Society Of Rock Videos

YouTube / Alex S

How To Nail A Solo In A Minute

Alex S. has just uploaded an insane solo on her YouTube channel. In just over 2 days she’s reached over 15,000 views for her Stairway to Heaven solo. Led Zeppelin can be an intimidating band to cover- especially when they have a guitar legend like Jimmy Page. Alex doesn’t seem to hesitate at all as she effortlessly plays 1 minute of Page’s original 7-minute solo. She would definitely have no problem playing alongside the Led Zeppelin legend himself. She nails the angelic feeling of Stairway to Heaven, for sure.

A Fan Base of Her Own

The Polish guitarist has an internet audience on multiple social-media platforms. Her YouTube channel has definitely captivated an international assembly of spectators. Alex’s talent is best captured in her binge-worthy posts- which I’ve already played on a loop. You can watch her face react to the sound of her playing as she connects the notes in her head to the 6 strings. She is truly a captivating performer. As far as her Stairway to Heaven solo, let’s say just say- what Jimmy Page does on a double- neck Gibson she does on a single neck Fender.

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