Paul Stanley Responds To Rumors Of KISS’ Sexual Orientation

Paul Stanley Responds To Rumors Of KISS’ Sexual Orientation | Society Of Rock Videos


From stories about Robert Johnson allegedly making a pact involving his soul to the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Elliott Smith’s death, it’s clear that rumors and the world of rock music are closely connected.

Paul Stanley of KISS also faced his fair share of gossip as a rock artist. One particular rumor has stubbornly followed him for years—speculation about his sexual orientation. This rumor has captured the attention of fans and the public for decades.

In 2015, during a conversation with broadcaster Robert Scott, Stanley felt compelled to address these persistent rumors. He said:

“If I were gay, I’d be proud to be whatever I am. As long as you’re a good person, sexual orientation and stuff like that is totally irrelevant.”

Stanley’s Reflections on Sexuality Misunderstandings

Even though Stanley didn’t think these things were significant, he went on to clarify why he wasn’t homosexual:

“That being said, besides having four children; honestly, I never saw a guy where I said, ‘Gee, that’s a close second to a woman.’ I never looked and said, ‘You know, if I can’t have that girl over there, I’m taking the bloke,’ you know what I mean? So that’s always been really interesting, that some people can’t find a way to take my comfort with sexuality to misreading it as something it’s not.”

He also expressed confusion about the origins of these rumors:

“I more scratch my head at that. So that’s [rumors about his alleged homosexuality] always been something that was and is, persistent. And I just kind of go, ‘Well, the boys may not understand, but the women always did.’ They got it in more ways than one.”

Stanley’s Apology and Support

Although Stanley seemed to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community by asserting that someone’s sexuality doesn’t define their worth, he faced criticism for his views on gender-affirmative parenting and the transgender community. As a result, he later apologized for his comments and retracted his earlier criticisms.

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