Paul Stanley Knows Exactly Who’ll Be Crowned Champ In Saturday’s Mayweather/ McGregor Face Off

Paul Stanley Knows Exactly Who’ll Be Crowned Champ In Saturday’s Mayweather/ McGregor Face Off | Society Of Rock Videos

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Paul Talks Weekend’s Big Ticket Fight

It seems like everyone’s either got money or an opinion on this weekend’s Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, and why shouldn’t they? We’re seeing two combat sports titans face off against each other, one will be totally in his wheelhouse despite being retired for the past two years and the other’s heart firmly set on dominating everything in his path, even if it means jumping into a different sport to do it. With only three days to go, KISS’ own Paul Stanley is the latest to sound off on Saturday night’s fight and who will ultimately be crowned champ – but most importantly, he knows what won’t happen: a good old fashioned, knock down, drag out, toe to toe fight.

Stanley, who favors Mayweather, told Blabbermouth:

“I think people are expecting more of a fight than they might get. You have to remember Floyd Mayweather is a fighter who knows how to punch and get away. The idea of them going toe-to-toe, I think, is a fantasy.”

Reasoning that people tend to be “disappointed by Mayweather’s performance,” Paul went on to explain further, calling Mayweather “a technician” – quick and effective.  “The idea that they’re gonna go in and see who can knock the other out — I don’t think that’s in the cards, although I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody winds up on the mat.”

He’s not the only one placing odds on Mayweather; former Pantera frontman and boxing enthusiast Phil Anselmo offered his take on Mayweather vs. McGregor, giving McGregor “zero chance” of a victory Saturday night:

“It’s going to be a one-sided fight, with Floyd carrying him for as long as he possibly can.… Mayweather by a landslide, and he can knock McGregor out anytime he wants.”

At the end of the day, Paul Stanley is right – in a fight where anything can happen, fans of either fighter could find themselves eating a whole lot of crow when it comes time for the winner to be named. There’s one thing we can count on though: Saturday night is bound to be pretty damned entertaining, and the commentary from Paul, Phil, and so many others is bound to be gold!

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