Ozzy Osbourne’s Emotional Plea: ‘All I Want Is Just One More Show’

Ozzy Osbourne’s Emotional Plea: ‘All I Want Is Just One More Show’ | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a candid conversation with Rolling Stone magazine, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, and daughter, Kelly, opened up about the rock legend’s recent decision to step away from the upcoming Power Trip festival. Their words shed light on the emotional turmoil Ozzy is experiencing as he grapples with the desire to perform one more time.

Kelly Osbourne expressed the family’s deep sadness about the situation, saying:

“We can’t talk about it in the house because it is just so heartbreaking to see that all he wants is just one more show.”

The longing for one last performance is palpable, and it weighs heavily on their hearts.

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s devoted wife, also shared her perspective, highlighting how much Ozzy yearns to be on that stage with his friends. She shared:

“And Ozzy wants to be on that show with all his friends. It’s heartbreaking for him to see everybody going on, and he’s just left behind.”


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The festival represents not only a chance to perform but also an opportunity to reconnect with the music and the people who have been a significant part of Ozzy’s life.

Kelly elaborated on Ozzy’s readiness to take the stage, emphasizing:

“He could do it right now if he sat in a chair because the voice is there; there’s nothing wrong with the voice.”

This statement underscores that Ozzy’s passion and vocal abilities are still intact, making his desire to perform even more poignant.

However, as Sharon revealed, despite having the capability, Ozzy has chosen not to pursue it at this time. The reasons behind this decision are personal and complex, reflecting the deep emotional journey Ozzy is navigating.

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