Who Would Play Janis Best In New Movie? Here’s Our Top 5!

Who Would Play Janis Best In New Movie? Here’s Our Top 5! | Society Of Rock Videos


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So there has been a lot of controversy and talk regarding the Janis film Get It While You Can supposedly coming out “soon” with the name Amy Adams mentioned…

Although this is the least controversial piece of the movie so far, we are not 100% sold on Amy Adams portraying the beautiful and complexly confused rock star. We have heard Amy sing and there is no doubt that she can carry a tune, but to carry Janis’s vocal ability is a whole different ball park that no one has managed to approach.

Below we have listed 5 suitable candidates for the Janis role that we feel do a better job of “being” Janis, although no one can be Janis…

1. Mary Bridget Davies

mary bridget
Photo cred: CelebStoner.com

Mary is well known for playing the role of Janis Joplin on the Broadway Musical A Night With Janis Joplin and has received a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical.

Not only does Mary Bridget Davies perform an award winning impersonation of the troubled rock star, but she does the best job of capturing her raspy, angsty soulful voice. Mary is definitely our front runner.

2. Dana Fuchs

dana fuchs

Photo cred: danafuchs.com

Most of you know Dana as Sadie from the Beatles-inspired Across the Universe, 2007 film, however, she is no stranger to showbiz as she played Janis Joplin in the off-broadway musical Love, Janis.

From the movie and the show it is clear that Dana would be a great choice for this iconic role, that she already has plenty of experience and a lifetime of respect for the lost, bluesy goddess.

3. Krista Blondin

Photo cred: www.niagaraatlarge.com

Many fans may not have heard about the blues powerhouse that is Krista Blondin, however, this Award-winning singer and performer has a 20-year history in showbiz for her Janis Joplin Tribute shows as well as a successful acting career.

Without the get-up, Krista does not look like Janis much, but once she puts on the wig and feathers, the two could be sisters- which doesn’t hurt…

4. Lani Ramos

lani ramos

Photo cred: bigpearl.com

Next up, Lani Ramos. Lani is the lead singer of New Orleans band, Big Pearl, directly named after and inspired by Janis’s famous Pearl Sessions.

Lani is heavily influenced by the life, music and soul that is still Janis Joplin and has dedicated her life to spreading that passion through her own lungs. Although Lani does not have complete professional showbiz experience, she could definitely play the part of the great Janis Joplin pretty well.

5. Sparrow LaPoint


Photo cred: YouTube Channel shareyoulife1

Sparrow is a tribute artist inspired by Janis with a similar look, vocal texture and dexterity to that of the late rock star.

Although we are 100% fans of the low cut top, she definitely has the rock and roll spirit that Janis had and the burning passion to spread joy through music. Again, no professional experience necessarily, but she is similar looks wise and can definitely belt out a sweet, bluesy beat…


So, guys, these are top picks for the lead role in Get It While You Still Can Janis biopic, what do you guys think?

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