Number Of David Lee Roth’s Broken Bones In His Career Revealed

Number Of David Lee Roth’s Broken Bones In His Career Revealed | Society Of Rock Videos

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If you ever wonder how many bones David Lee Roth broke during Van Halen Shows, you’ll figure it out in this article.

Roth, the lead vocalist of Van Halen, is best known for his one-of-a-kind fashion looks, triumphant vocals, and hedonistic lifestyle. Aside from that, his energetic and wild stage persona adds excitement every time the band performs.

The rock star would jump around on the stage and dance with never-ending energy when he was still with the band. However, the vocalist tends to forget that he needs to be cautious while performing, or else things might turn into a disaster. As it seems, Roth suffered from several bone injuries over the past years due to his wild performances.

In a recent interview, Roth shared his worst injuries from the stage shows he did. As far as he could remember, he might have broken around 30 bones while doing all the stunts. Roth called it ‘Jackie Chan stuff’ and said that it was normal. ( He stated:

“I’ve probably broken 30 bones over the years, but I call it all Jackie Chan stuff. It’s all in a day’s work. I’ve broken my back twice, I’ve broken bones in both feet, broken bones in my neck, in my elbows, half of my fingers. It’s a tough job, and if I didn’t do it, nobody could.”

Nevertheless, these incidents ended up giving the best stage performances for Van Halen fans.

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