Noel Gallagher Shares The Final Advice He Got From David Bowie

Noel Gallagher Shares The Final Advice He Got From David Bowie | Society Of Rock Videos

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Noel Gallagher recently shared during a conversation with BBC’s Zoe Ball how he first met David Bowie, the legendary rock icon, and the lasting impression Bowie left on him.

Gallagher, who was enjoying success with Oasis and their chart-topping hits at the time, attended Bowie’s Wembley Arena show in 1995. It was evident that Bowie had heard of Gallagher, as someone from Bowie’s team invited him backstage.

The rocker fondly recalled the experience and the valuable advice Bowie shared with him, as well as the profound impact Bowie had on him as a musician and artist.

Beyond the Backstage

After overcoming the initial surprise of being invited backstage, Gallagher had the opportunity to meet his rock idol, Bowie, in his dressing room while he was getting ready for the stage.

The encounter was enjoyable for both of them and shortly after their meeting, a photo of them together appeared in tabloids, capturing a moment where Bowie was seen laughing heartily at something Gallagher said.

The guitarist continued by reminiscing how his brother, Liam, appeared to feel envious of their meet-up, even going so far as to question Noel about the picture and what he was saying to Bowie that made the legendary rocker laugh. Noel then shared that he decided to tease his brother by jokingly claiming that he was picking on Liam with Bowie.

Bowie stayed in touch with Gallagher for years after their meeting, exchanging emails. Bowie’s last email, dated a year before his passing, advised Gallagher to keep writing lyrics and pursuing his music career, which meant a lot to Gallagher as Bowie was one of his idols.

Bowie’s Final Advice to Gallagher

The former Oasis legend reflects on the surreal experience of meeting Bowie and receiving his final advice. “I remember going to see him one night at Wembley Arena, with Morrissey as the supporting act. Just as Morrissey finished, a guy approached me and said, ‘Would you like to go and meet David?’

And I was like, ‘David?’ And he said, ‘David Bowie.’ It took me a moment to process, and I was like, ‘Oh, David Bowie!’ So, we went to his dressing room, and he was applying makeup with a mirror. I can’t recall the exact conversation, but there’s a photo of me talking to him, and he was laughing hysterically.

My brother, Liam Gallagher, asked me later, ‘What were you saying to Bowie there?’ And I replied, ‘I was slagging you off!’ But Bowie was such a cool guy; he actually sent me a couple of emails about a year before he passed away, encouraging me to keep writing and giving me valuable advice.

It was incredible to receive such support from one of the greatest artists of all time. He told me to ‘keep going’ and all that kind of stuff. He’s up there with John Lennon in my book.”

Gallagher’s impromptu encounter with Bowie took him by surprise, leading to a lasting friendship between the two musicians.

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