Nikki Sixx Unbothered With Legal Loss With Mick Mars

Nikki Sixx Unbothered With Legal Loss With Mick Mars | Society Of Rock Videos

Merely days after the legal pendulum swung in favor of former Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars in the ongoing dispute with his ex-bandmates, bassist Nikki Sixx appears nonchalant about the recent developments.

Instead of dwelling on legal matters, Sixx opted for a change of scenery at the Porsche Experience Center. Taking to Instagram, he chronicled his day, spotlighting his experiences at the center with instructor Johnny Kanavas:

“Had an amazing day out at the Porsche Experience Center Pecla. My instructor Johnny Kanavas ran through some brilliant driving skills and how to get the most out of these cars. It’s not often I get to completely floor it in a GT3. Massive thank you to Michele and Johnny for your hospitality!”

Reasons Behind Mick Mars’ Lawsuit

The legal saga kicked off on April 6, 2023, when Mars initiated a lawsuit aimed at scrutinizing the records of seven businesses linked to Mötley Crüe. Mars alleged that the band sought to sever his ties with these ventures, jeopardizing his 25% ownership stake in the group.

Despite the band purportedly offering him 5% of their ongoing tour (minus his participation), a later adjustment increased the offer to 7.5%. The lawsuit contended that Sixx ‘gaslighted’ Mars about his guitar skills, asserting that Mars was the sole member playing his instrument fully during the band’s 2022 tour.

In reply, Sasha Frid, the attorney representing Mötley Crüe, asserted that Mick Mars had ‘publicly resigned,’ underscoring the band’s stance that they had no financial obligation to him.

Resolution of the Lawsuit: Victory for Mars

On January 16, a Los Angeles judge ruled that the band should have provided financial records and crucial information earlier. Mars is now entitled to reimbursement for the legal expenses incurred during his pursuit of these files. Judge James C. Chalfant remarked:

“The requests were not burdensome. Yet, Mars was compelled to file suit, and it appears plain that production would not have occurred without it. Mars is entitled to attorney fees.”

While the band eventually handed over the files in December, the judge deemed Mars’ case legally moot. However, he held the band responsible for the delay, obliging them to reimburse Mars:

“These documents should have been produced without the need for prodding by Mars.”

Despite this victory regarding access to financial information, Mars’ overall case against the band, centering on whether his bandmates breached their contract by expelling him, will be settled in a private arbitration case.

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