Need An Extra Hand? This Wearable Robotic Limb Makes Thrashing Easier For Drummers

Need An Extra Hand? This Wearable Robotic Limb Makes Thrashing Easier For Drummers | Society Of Rock Videos

Source: YouTube Channel 'Georgia Tech'

Cyborg Drumming Anyone?

What better way to compete with the world’s best drummers than having a third hand to help you with the thrashing? Georgia Tech just made it easier for wanna-be drummers to make their dreams of creating magical music come true. Okay, maybe you won’t be receiving the same applause as John Bonham, Lars Ulrich or Neil Peart any time soon but hey, it will change the way you play.

The Center for Music Technology at Georgia Tech created a wearable device that will be attached to the shoulder. The two-foot long smart robotic arm can detect and respond to any changes in the tempo and gestures but more importantly, to the music itself. But that’s not all. It knows how to improvise! And the team is currently working on adding an electroencephalogram (EEG) headband that will help in the detection of brain waves and patterns from the drummer.

Thinking of any other uses that doesn’t require drums?

“Imagine if doctors could use a third arm to bring them tools, supplies or even participate in surgeries,” Professor Gil Weinberg said. “Technicians could use an extra hand to help with repairs and experiments.”

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