Led Zeppelin Won The Lawsuit, But They Suffered A Massive Loss…

Led Zeppelin Won The Lawsuit, But They Suffered A Massive Loss… | Society Of Rock Videos


They’re Gonna Have To Put Out Another Album To Make That Money Back!

Not to long ago, the news broke that Led Zeppelin was being sued by the band Spirit. The lawsuit occurred because Spirit accused Led Zeppelin of using one of Spirit’s chord progressions in their song titled Stairway To Heaven. Now it’d take a million years to explain the specifics of the actual case itself, so we’ll sum it up like this. SPOILER ALERT: Led Zeppelin won. Now, it didn’t become all fine and dandy. Here’s why.

In almost any case, especially a huge one like this regarding one of the biggest music groups in the entire world, there are going to be a mounting amount of legal fees. In this case, Led Zeppelin had to drop a whopping $800,000! That’s an absurd amount! However, it is possible for the winning party, which in this case is Led Zeppelin, can regain some of those fees. Unfortunately for Led Zeppelin, the judge said no.

Do you think the judge made the right decision by not refunding their $800,000 deficit? The judge made it clear that Spirit should not be “on the hook” for Led Zeppelin‘s legal fees. So it’s fairly safe to say that this case is not over…

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