Keith Richards Dislikes Only Two Music Genres

Keith Richards Dislikes Only Two Music Genres | Society Of Rock Videos

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In the music industry’s ever-evolving landscape, artists often navigate different genres and styles, adapting to shifting audience tastes. Yet, for the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, there exist clear boundaries he’s unwilling to traverse.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Richards candidly shared his unwavering opinions on modern music, shedding light on the two genres he simply can’t embrace.

For Richards and his bandmates, the 1980s signaled a significant shift. While The Rolling Stones delved into contemporary disco sounds with their 1978 album ‘Some Girls,’ the emergence of sample-based hip-hop in the ’80s failed to resonate with Richards. He voiced his aversion to rap music, bluntly stating:

“I don’t really enjoy being yelled at and being told it’s music, AKA rap… I can experience enough of that without stepping foot outside my house.”

Richards’ critique extended to modern pop music, particularly its heavy reliance on synthesizers. He bemoaned the absence of authentic instrumentation, remarking:

“It’s always been subpar… They manufacture it to be as inexpensive and effortless as possible, resulting in a homogenized sound; there’s very little soul in it… I prefer music crafted by individuals wielding instruments… I have no interest in the synthetic elevator music, once known as Muzak, now considered the norm.”

Despite his reservations about certain genres, Richards has always been vocal about his love for jazz and classical music. Throughout his illustrious career, he maintained a style rooted in traditional blues riffs and Chuck Berry-inspired embellishments, a testament to his profound reverence for timeless musical elements.

While Richards may critique contemporary music, his musical journey continues to inspire countless musicians and fans alike.

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