Keith Moon Only Called One Drummer Perfect

Keith Moon Only Called One Drummer Perfect | Society Of Rock Videos

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Keith Moon, the musical talent behind the iconic British rock band The Who, left an enduring mark in the music world with his unique and explosive drumming style. His distinctive approach to the drums, characterized by a relaxed yet explosive technique, captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Together with the equally eccentric Ginger Baker, Moon played a crucial role in popularizing the use of double bass drums, a style now commonly found in heavier genres of alternative music.

Moon’s Humorous Take

Despite his innovative drumming style, Moon wasn’t initially inspired by other drummers and felt indifferent towards most of them. However, a select few managed to catch his attention as he forged his own legacy that would inspire countless others.

He joked about the first time he played the drums during an interview with Rolling Stone:

“Jesus Christ, I think I got a free drum kit in a packet of corn flakes.”

However, he also expressed his opinion that drum solos and any kind of solo are boring and detract from the group identity. He believed that the songs should be a group effort and that the drum phrases in The Who’s songs were his phrases, even though it was Pete Townshend playing the drums.

When asked about the drummers he admired, Moon found it challenging to pinpoint specific influences. He replied, “Not many,” before mentioning a few names, saying:

“D.J. Fontana is one. Let’s see, the drummers I respect are Eric Delaney and Bob Henrit and I got a huge list, really, and all for different reasons. Technically, Joe Morello is perfect. I don’t really have a favourite drummer. I have favourite drum pieces and that’s it. I would never put on an LP of a drummer and say everything he did I love because that’s not true.”

Admiration for Morello’s Exceptional Drumming

Joe Morello, an American jazz drummer known for his work with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, earned recognition for his intricate rhythms and contributions to the quartet’s success. Morello played a pivotal role in the quartet’s lineup, alongside Paul Desmond, and was specifically showcased in “Take Five,” a composition intentionally crafted to highlight Morello’s exceptional skills in a 5/4 time signature.

Unsurprisingly, Morello received acclaim from various musicians, including Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain and Deep Purple’s Ian Paice. However, receiving praise from Moon was a particularly prestigious achievement.

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