Jimmy Buffett’s Final Words Assured His Family The Party’s Not Over

Jimmy Buffett’s Final Words Assured His Family The Party’s Not Over | Society Of Rock Videos

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Jimmy Buffett’s final words have left us with a heartwarming and fun message that perfectly captures his legendary outlook on life. His sister, Lucy “LuLu” Buffett, recently shared a delightful reflection in the Keys Citizen, a newspaper for the Florida Keys, where she revealed the last words her brother, affectionately known as “Bubba,” said to her before his passing.

In her spirited reflection, LuLu Buffett shared the unique bond she shared with her older brother and how he always felt like her fearless protector.

She even admitted that having Jimmy as her big brother made her feel as safe as a parrot in a hammock:

“I always felt safe in a world that he was in because as my big brother, he felt like my protector.”

While she mourned his loss, LuLu couldn’t help but smile as she reminisced about a life filled with endless adventures and unforgettable moments. She lovingly described their childhood and how Jimmy’s unstoppable work ethic helped him achieve a legendary career, all while keeping family at the heart of it all.

“We had a beautiful goodbye visit earlier in the week,” the Lulu Buffett says. “He had my grandfather’s twinkle in his eye to the end and he was very clear that the music, the party and the good life was to continue with his robust optimism in tow.”


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Even when faced with a skin cancer diagnosis, Jimmy Buffett approached it with the kind of chill attitude that made him a legend. He sailed through the ups and downs of treatment with the grace of a seagull riding the wind, embodying his mantra:

“He was the best person I know that could ‘breathe in, breathe out and move on’ after hard news.”

In the final moments, as the family hoped for a miracle, they realized that the true miracle was having four incredible years with Jimmy after his diagnosis.

They knew they had something truly special.

His Final Words

LuLu also shared the joyous celebration in Key West, where the streets came alive with a New Orleans-style parade in honor of Jimmy Buffett. It was a party fit for a pirate, and Jimmy loved every moment of it.

“I know that he is flying high above Mother Ocean, soaring up to the Pleiades, and was gliding over Duval Street yesterday.”

In his last whisper to his sister, Jimmy Buffett didn’t ask for eternal rest. Instead, he left a message that could make even a parrot squawk with delight:

“He didn’t care about resting in peace. The last words he whispered to me were, ‘Have fun.'”

These words embody his timeless spirit of living life to the fullest and savoring every margarita-sipping, island-hopping, and music-filled moment.

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