John Oates Disliked Only 1 Hall & Oates Album

John Oates Disliked Only 1 Hall & Oates Album | Society Of Rock Videos

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John Oates has candidly shared his disdain for one particular Hall & Oates album, 1977’s Beauty on a Back Street. During an appearance on the Rockonteurs podcast, Oates reflected on various stages of his career, highlighting a challenging period in the late ’70s despite the duo’s many successes.

“We had these hits,” Oates recalled, referring to “Sara Smile,” “Rich Girl,” and the re-release of “She’s Gone.” These tracks catapulted Hall & Oates to significant fame, leading to larger venues and greater visibility. However, their next album proved problematic.

John Oates Reveals Why He Loathes ‘Beauty on a Back Street’

“I hate that record,” Oates confessed, pinpointing Beauty on a Back Street as his least favorite among their discography. He explained the difficulties stemmed from their strained relationship with producer Chris Bond, who had previously worked on the successful albums Daryl Hall & John Oates (also known as the Silver Album) and Bigger Than Both of Us. Bond had been an integral part of their early career, helping them secure good studios and top-notch musicians. “It was a good move for us to go there,” Oates acknowledged.

However, by the time they recorded Beauty on a Back Street, Bond’s personal issues, particularly with drugs, had severely impacted his professional capabilities. “He was a flawed individual. He had problems and the drugs and everything really took him down,” Oates revealed. The situation reached a breaking point during the album’s production when Bond collapsed on the control board, badly needing emergency medical intervention. “They rushed him to the hospital,” Oates recounted, emphasizing the severity of the incident.

The chaotic environment and Bond’s deteriorating condition inevitably took a toll on the album, preventing it from matching the success of its predecessors. Oates admitted that this negative experience had left a lasting impression on his memory of that time.

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