Joe Perry Revealed That He Had Previously Expressed Finding a Replacement for Steven Tyler

Joe Perry Revealed That He Had Previously Expressed Finding a Replacement for Steven Tyler | Society Of Rock Videos

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Joe Perry recently had a deep chat with Classic Rock, shedding light on a turbulent phase in Aerosmith’s history. He talked openly about his previous interest in finding a replacement for Steven Tyler, the band’s lead singer, offering valuable insights into the dynamics that unfolded within the group.

The journey through rocky times started in 2008 when Steven Tyler publicly prioritized his personal brand, “Brand Tyler,” over Aerosmith’s collective identity.

In response, Joe Perry made it clear that the band was actively searching for a new vocalist. This sparked a heated clash between the iconic duo known as the Toxic Twins.

Looking back on that public spat now, Joe Perry grapples with mixed feelings.

“I’m not sure how I feel about that [The public feud]. They say all press is good press, I’m not sure I agree with that. Maybe it felt like we had to [say] something to our fans. F*ck, I couldn’t tell you. We were so spread apart, I don’t know. Maybe we were trying to set the record straight and be a little bit more honest and let people know what was going on. I don’t know.”

While the saying “all press is good press” is tempting, he questions if it applies to their situation. Amidst their strained relationships and growing distance, the band might have felt compelled to explain things to their fans. The guitarist admits being uncertain about the reasons, suggesting they aimed to offer a candid perspective on their internal dynamics.


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The tension between Tyler and Perry escalated further in 2011 when Steven Tyler joined the American Idol judging panel.

Joe Perry publicly criticized this move, deepening the divide. However, 2012 marked a turning point as they reunited to record Aerosmith’s album “Music From Another Dimension.” This pivotal moment showed they had overcome their public feud.

Despite a setback in 2016 when Joe Perry criticized Tyler’s solo album, they seem to have risen above the troubles. As Boston natives, they’re preparing for a final tour to bid farewell to their devoted fans and celebrate their remarkable musical journey.

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