Jethro Tull Release New Song “The Navigators”

Jethro Tull Release New Song “The Navigators” | Society Of Rock Videos

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The newest track from Jethro Tull‘s upcoming RokFlote album, “The Navigators,” is out.

Ian Anderson and the band present a lively and almost playful interpretation of rovers of the high seas, with flute and synth simulating the motion of the waves. It’s a fresh perspective on a way of life that Anderson has previously examined.

This time, it pays homage to the various types of people who “live to roam” and return with “stories of valor, rough, and virile.” “The Navigators” comes after “Ginnungagap,” Jethro Tull’s first track on RokFlote. Anderson, the band’s frontman, explained how he came up with the name for Jethro Tull’s 23rd album.

In a press release, Anderson mentioned:

“I started with the idea of a predominantly instrumental album for rock flute – as in rock music. When the subject material of the album presented itself, I was drawn to the term Ragnarok from Norse mythology – their version of apocalyptic end times or Biblical Armageddon. The ‘final showdown’ scenario is ubiquitous and inherent in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, for example.”

He added:

“Ragnarok translates as ‘destiny of the Gods,’ the ‘rok’ part meaning destiny, course, direction. With umlaut firmly in place, courtesy of the Germanic origins of Old Norse, Flute became ‘flote’ in keeping with the spelling. With me so far? I just can’t miss the glorious opportunity for a good and legitimate umlaut.”

RokFlote will be released on April 21 and is already up for pre-order in a number of formats. Meanwhile, their fans’ most awaited European tour will start in March and last through September.

Stream the new single below.

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