Jeremy Allen White To Play Bruce Springsteen In Upcoming “Nebraska” Film

Jeremy Allen White To Play Bruce Springsteen In Upcoming “Nebraska” Film | Society Of Rock Videos

via The Hollywood Reporter / Youtube

The Boss is hitting the big screen once again, this time with Jeremy Allen White stepping into the iconic shoes of Bruce Springsteen. In an exciting development, the upcoming film Deliver Me From Nowhere is set to delve into the making of Springsteen’s raw and haunting 1982 album, Nebraska.

Deadline confirms that 20th Century has secured financing for the movie, which will be both written and directed by Scott Cooper. Filming is slated to commence this fall, promising audiences a captivating journey into the heart of one of Springsteen’s most revered works.

The inception of Deliver Me From Nowhere traces back to a moment of inspiration when producer Eric Robinson caught wind of Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau lauding Warren Zanes’ book of the same name on a podcast with Marc Maron. Fuelled by this spark, Robinson joined forces with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, enlisting Cooper to translate Zanes’ book into a cinematic experience.

Warren Zanes, in an interview with Rock and Roll Globe in 2023, shed light on the enduring allure of Nebraska. He emphasized how Springsteen’s decision to release an unfinished, raw recording, driven solely by artistic intuition, struck a chord with fans. Zanes delved into the book seeking answers to why Nebraska resonated so deeply with listeners, echoing sentiments shared by many who find solace and inspiration in its raw authenticity. Zanes said:

“I think Nebraska has been a thing of collective fascination for a long time, and a book-length exploration of its making had a ready audience.

“Bruce released something that was unfinished, imperfect, a recording that couldn’t be cleaned up to meet commercial standards – but he felt in his gut it was exactly right for the songs. He made a decision based solely on the art, and we don’t see a lot of this, for good reason. But a lot of people found it inspiring, myself included. When shit goes down in my life, I reach for Nebraska. And I’m one of many. In writing the book, I kind of wanted to know why. And there are others who seem to feel the same way.”

Excitingly, Deadline also reports active involvement from both Jon Landau and Bruce Springsteen himself in the production of the film, promising an authentic exploration of the album’s creation.

As anticipation builds for Deliver Me From Nowhere, fans eagerly await Jeremy Allen White’s portrayal of the legendary Bruce Springsteen and the cinematic journey that awaits in unraveling the mysteries behind the making of Nebraska.

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