He Delivers A Stunning Rendition Of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”!

He Delivers A Stunning Rendition Of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”! | Society Of Rock Videos

He Even SOUNDS Like Steven!

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is one of the more complex vocalists in classic rock, as evidenced by 1973’s inspiring classic ‘Dream On’. However, singer-songwriter Javier Yuch rose to the occasion and absolutely nailed it when he covered it in this exclusive video! Javier pushes the notes out absolutely effortlessly, voice rising and falling the way Steven’s does when he performs it – my favorite part is at 3:30 when he takes on the higher notes before falling right back into his natural vocal range.

Who Is Javier Yuch?

Javier Yuch is an Argentinian singer-songwriter who has found success both in bands and as a solo artist. He recently released his first solo effort No Puedo Sin Vos to critical acclaim and when he’s not performing his own material, he loves performing classic rock covers for YouTube!

Amazing – if you listen closely, Javier even sounds like a really young Steven Tyler! I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure Steven would be impressed with Javier’s vocal range!

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