James Taylor Reveals His Favorite Joni Mitchell Song

James Taylor Reveals His Favorite Joni Mitchell Song | Society Of Rock Videos

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Regardless of the individuals she collaborated with, Joni Mitchell made a lasting impact on nearly everyone she encountered. This could include influential figures in the jazz realm such as Charles Mingus or esteemed artists like Bob Dylan.

Also, it could involve past romantic partners like Graham Nash and David Crosby. Even those who were once involved romantically with Mitchell couldn’t deny her uniqueness, and James Taylor is no different in this regard.

Taylor and Mitchell’s Melodic Bond

Taylor came into Mitchell’s life during a challenging period. Mitchell had recently ended her relationship with Nash, which would later inspire songs such as “Our House” and “River.” At the same time, Taylor was struggling with a severe addiction to heroin when he first met Mitchell.

Taylor’s attention was divided between launching his solo career and his role in the 1971 movie Two-Lane Blacktop, causing him to be mentally preoccupied with various matters.

Mitchell captured the challenges and victories experienced in her romantic connection with Taylor through heartfelt melodies such as “All I Want” and “Blue,” which found their place on her iconic 1971 record called Blue.

Taylor’s Unexpected Favorite Track

In an interview with The Guardian, when Taylor was asked to select his preferred track from the album, he deliberately avoided choosing any of the songs that revolved around their relationship. Instead, Taylor opted for Mitchell’s tribute to their shared residence, California. Taylor wrote:

“Joni had succeeded in music. She had a house and an automobile and wanted to have fun and see the world.

“After a year or two travelling in Europe with her portable dulcimer, she came back with lots of songs and ideas. We moved in the same circles and ended up together. I’m not saying I was sober, but my then addiction to heroin was relatively quiet.”

Taylor claimed:

“It was a calm, peaceful, amazing, creative time. She quit smoking and her voice was excellent.

“She was at the height of her powers. It felt natural and easy for me to play on the album. There were very few people in the sessions. Blue’s brilliance lies in its minimalism. It thrives on her voice, melody and personality. It’s pure Joni.”

He then added:

“‘California’ which she wrote in Paris, is a coming home song. After travelling, your home has a different context within the world and ‘California’ captures that. It’s delightful, personal and genuine.

“When I was taking her to meet my family in North Carolina, between flights she suddenly said she had to return to ‘California’ and left me at the airport – at the altar, so to speak. Maybe she sensed the wreckage of my next 15 years and didn’t want to be tied down. She is totally real and self-invented and it’s one of the best things in my life that I’ve known her.”

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