Izzy Johnson Covers Jimi Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary”

Izzy Johnson Covers Jimi Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary” | Society Of Rock Videos

Mary Gets Covered By Izzy!

Cover versions for Jimi Hendrix’s songs only prove that his music has stood the test of time and has even transcended boundaries especially since it has been covered in various genres. This particular song has an interesting back story. He wrote it for his then-girlfriend and basically propelled her into stardom. Her name is Kathy Mary Etchingham. Their argument began with her cooking since Jimi wasn’t into lumpy mashed potato. And the rest is history.

This song begins with a distinctive and recognizable introduction, in which three chromatically ascending ‘five’ chords are played in second inversion. A ‘five’ chord consists of two notes (first or “root,” and fifth) instead of three (root, third and fifth). The missing middle note gives the chord a more ‘open’ or ‘bare’ sound. A second inversion “flips” the notes in the chord, so that the fifth, not the root, is the lowest sounding note. This makes it more difficult for the listener to immediately identify what key the song is being played in. In addition, a syncopated rhythm makes it difficult for the listener to identify the “down beats” of the song. This combination of musical elements creates a unique and disorienting experience when the song is heard for the first time.

Izzy Johnson did an amazing job in covering this Hendrix classic. She added her own style and it’s absolutely impressive. Attempting to emulate Jimi is no easy task since he was a musical genius with insane guitar skills. That’s why covers like these will surely make Jimi proud. It shows how much his songs are loved and have influenced this younger generation.

Stay awesome, Izzy!

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