George Harrison’s Favorite Abbey Road Track

George Harrison’s Favorite Abbey Road Track | Society Of Rock Videos

Every musician has a favorite from their music, whether we, the listeners, might think that the song is winsome or relatively simple. With so much process that they need to undergo from writing the lyrics, composing the music, mixing, remastering, and even ensuring that everything is in harmony, it takes tremendous effort and time from them.

For some, they may think that the artists’ favorites must be their biggest hits, but it’s not always the case for other musicians. It can be a song that is not as popular as others, but it has a special meaning or simply sounds more pleasant to their ears.

The Beatles became so remarkable because of the numerous timeless hits they listed in the music scene. Almost every one of their songs was a hit. To name some, there’s 1969 Abbey Road which reached an immediate commercial success and became the band’s iconic release. Besides, it featured a song that George Harrison noted as his favorite.

This album was recorded in April 1969 and was released on September the same year. After it came out, the album topped the charts by reaching number 1 in both countries. Abbey Road featured many songs including a song that Harrison loved more than the others.

However, these songs are not written by him. Both “Something” and “Here Comes The Sun” were written by John Lennon. Also the track “Because” is included in Harrison’s top picks which featured a three-part vocal harmony by Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison himself.

In a 1969 interview, Harrison mentioned that “Because” was possibly his favorite song from the album. Harrison, being a fan of simplicity, said that it featured lyrics that are so simple and lyrics that speak for themselves without any obscurity which made him love it. The artist said:

“I think this is possibly my favorite one on the album because it’s just so simple, the lyrics are so simple.”

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