Gene Simmons And Members Of KISS Try Out Their Own Song On Rock Band—Fail Miserably!

Gene Simmons And Members Of KISS Try Out Their Own Song On Rock Band—Fail Miserably! | Society Of Rock Videos

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How do you fail at your own song!?

Technology has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things, especially with video games! Video game simulators have become extremely popular, and a few years ago, really took off with the release of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The games allowed people of all skill levels feel like they are playing the guitar, bass drums, or singing along to their favorite songs! However, no matter how good you may be at these simulators, playing the songs on real instruments is far more difficult.

In addition, if you can play the song in real life, translating that skill to a video game might not always link up! That’s what happened to KISS members Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer tried to play their OWN song on the new Rock Band video game! The trio attempted to try out “Detroit Rock City” and failed miserably!

It’s a little understandable, though. Not many musicians can adapt well to playing video games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, because the songs are so stripped down and minimized. In addition, there are no strings and only 5 frets, so it’s nothing like playing the actual thing! The clip is still funny, nonetheless, and KISS have a little fun with their failure!

Check out the hilarious clip down below!

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