Ever Wonder Why Rush Never Had Any Unreleased Music?

Ever Wonder Why Rush Never Had Any Unreleased Music? | Society Of Rock Videos

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Geddy Lee Says “There Might Be Half-Finished Demos”

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rush bassist and frontman Geddy Lee was asked about studio archive material since he previously admitted they didn’t have any Rush outtakes.

Lee said, “No, there’s nothing. There’s nothing there. There’s nothing left. There might be half-finished demos somewhere where we got halfway through and went, “Oh, this song sucks.” And it never got made.”

He added, “I mean, some of those things may not even be in a stage that there’s drums on them. You’d know when you’re working on a song if you’re beating a dead horse. If that song wasn’t really coming together — and especially with me as I got older — I had less patience for staying with a song that obviously wasn’t working.

“Sometimes you come in the next day, and Alex and I would be working on a demo, and we’d go, “What the fuck is this song, anyway?” He’s like, “I don’t know. I’ve forgotten why we were doing it.” So you just trash it and start again. We didn’t record anything and then at the end say, “No, that doesn’t make it onto the record.” Those things don’t exist at all.”

Geddy Lee also talked about late drummer Neil Peart who passed away on January 7, 2020 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Lee shared, “The two of us really gravitated to each other. We really were like-minded almost from the beginning. When he first came into the band, we were just getting to know each other, not only as people but rhythmically. He was ambitious and I was ambitious. He loved to be hyperactive. I loved to be hyperactive. So in a sense, it was a marriage made in heaven. We looked at each other very much as equal parts of a whole.”

In a separate interview with Make Weird Music, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson revealed that he and Lee are discussing about working together again on new music.

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